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When you join us, you are not just an employee but a part of a team that making a difference.

As one of the leading brand in Asia, the key for us, one number, has always been hiring very smart people. For us hiring smart people is like a business assets, someone who is critical to success in any business. We place a great deal and importance in engaging and recruiting people at all levels and provide them an adequate amount of training & opportunities to develop their full potential.

Current Openings

GM - Retail Leasing
  • Experience: 12+ Years
  • Location: Noida, Ghaziabad, Delhi/NCR
  • Qualification: MBA/Equivalents from Reputed Institute
  • Skills Required: Retail Leasing, Market Intelligence, Legal Documentation Leasing, Retail & Leasing, Outlet Leasing,
  • Job Description:
    1. Must have the strong hold and professional terms with all major retails brands
    2. Shall lead the organization’s leasing team and Reporting to Sr. GM Leasing
    3. Would be responsible for leasing of various projects under the organization
    4. Formulation of Group Leasing Manual and process 
    5. Preparation, Scrutiny presentation and implementation of leasing Revenue Plan 
    6. Guide the top Management on the proper Retail Mix for each mall.
    7. Assist the leasing team for Achieving the Established Retail Mix 
    8. Formulation and Scrutiny of Various contractual Documents 
    9. Would be Authorized to sign Contract on Behalf of the organization 
    10. Planning and implementation of Project promotion through media and events 
    11. Shall Assist the mall management team with the leasing process and Brand Move in 
    12. Selection, finalization and implementation of various Software for Mall leasing 
    13. Coordination between project team and Brand during the fit-out period 
    14. Continual monitoring and enhancement and implementation of leasing contract signed with the brands 
    15. Established the leasing MIS process for Daily Weekly, fortnightly and monthly report 
    16. Presentation of MIS to the management as and when required 
  • Vacancies: 5 Vacancy
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IPC Leasing
  • Experience: 6 to 10 Yrs Experience in Real Estate
  • Location: Noida, Ghaziabad, Delhi/NCR
  • Qualification: MBA/Equivalents from Reputed Institute
  • Skills Required: Manager, Commercial Leasing, IPC Experience, IPC Leasing, Real Estate, Property
  • Job Description:
    1. Must have 6 to 10 yrs experience in Real estate - Retail Leasing.
    2. Must have Experience in international property firm.
    3. Good Connection with Brands for leasing.
    4. Identifying the tenant mix, Zoning of Retail Brands.
    5. Handling Leasing enquiries and make necessary recommendation of retail space to prospects.  
    6. Determines leasing strategy for the mall & High Street – catchment analysis, mall positioning, zoning, rental projections and tenant mix.  
    7. Co-ordinate the department’s activities to ensure the proper execution and strict adherence to the company’s Leasing policies and procedures.  
    8. Planning and Implementing the Brand mix in retail malls:  
    9. Planning the brand mix which includes the formulation and implementation of creative and effective leasing strategies. 
    10. Engaging and negotiating with retailers/ Brands  to sign the leases for retail stores of the malls/High street  
    11. Negotiate and finalize rental and other terms and conditions with potential brands 
    12. Working very closely with retailers to approve their store drawings, help them do their fit-outs and in opening of the retail stores at the malls/High street  
    13. Working to  sign lease agreements with the tenants and to follow the leasing Standard Operating Procedures (“SOP”) 
    14. Ensure brands adhere to the lease terms and following up through execution of Fit-out and opening of the store  
    15. Drives the re-positioning strategies and Asset Enhancement Initiatives for operational malls Monitor tenant’s business, and Restructure tenant mix in the Mall  
    16. Monitor tenants business activities to ensure that they are in accordance with the Mall regulations. 
    17. Resolve any tenants concerns and issues soonest possible in interest for betterment of the Mall. 
    18. Constantly communicate and follow up with brands to promote positive relations. 
    19. Identify tenants business is incompatible with their floor areas and look for acceptable corrective measures. 
    20. Initiating addition of new tenants or replacement of under-performing tenants. 
    21. Monitor all current and future vacancies to proactively react to future occupancy needs

  • Vacancies: 2 Vacancy
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Corporate -Sales Manager
  • Experience: 6 to 10 Yrs Experience in Real Estate Corporate Selling Experience
  • Location: Noida, Ghaziabad, Delhi/NCR
  • Qualification: MBA/Equivalents from Reputed Institute
  • Skills Required: Corporate Sales, Business Development, B2B Sales, Business Acquisition, Enterprise Sales Business De
  • Job Description:
    1. Strong Network in corporate of Delhi & NCR to sell Residential and Commercial Real Estate project.
    2. Must have 6 to 10 yrs experience in Real estate Corporate selling experience,
    3. Must have exposure to deal with PSU and Private Company and MNC’S.
    4. Good Presentation Skill.Communication Skill.
    5. Result Proven Record.Must achieve the given target.
    6. Organizing activities @ Corporate for Lead Generation and target achievement.
    7.  Handling key Accounts in Corporate.
    8. Knowledge and CRM Experience is required.
    9. Knowledge of Territory of Delhi and NCR.
  • Vacancies: 1 Vacancy
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Head Channel –Sales
  • Experience: 6 to 10 Yrs Experience in Real Estate
  • Location: Noida, Ghaziabad, Delhi/NCR
  • Qualification: MBA/Equivalents from Reputed Institute
  • Skills Required: Customer Relationship, Client Relationship Manager, Business Development, Direct Sales, Real Estate,
  • Job Description:
    1. Must have 6 to 10 yrs experience in Real Estate –Channel sales.
    2. Strong links with  International Property Consultants to generate salesStrong links with  institutional channel Partners to generate sales
    3. Strong  links with  Retail Channel Partners in and around Delhi/NCR to generate sales
    4. Strong connections with NBFC.
    5. Strong connections with corporate agency.
    6. To ensure given sale target must be achieved
    7. Must have Exposure and knowledge of local market To ensure to achieve top line (sale) and bottom line (Revenue) target.
    8. Good Presentation Skill.
    9. Communication Skill.
    10. Result Proven Record.
    11. Knowledge and CRM Experience is required.
    12. Knowledge of Territory of Delhi and NCR
  • Vacancies: 1 Vacancy
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Head NRI –Sales
  • Experience: 6 to 10 Yrs Experience in Real Estate
  • Location: Noida, Ghaziabad, Delhi/NCR
  • Qualification: MBA/Equivalents from Reputed Institute
  • Skills Required: NRI Relationship Manager, International Sales, Promoting Residential Apartments, Promoting Commercia
  • Job Description:
    1. Must have 6 to 10 yrs experience in Real Estate-overseas sales.
    2. Creating developing new channels to sell the Real Estate product in UAE, Hong kong, USA, UK Market.
    3. Participating in international property show to increase the presence in international Marketing.
    4. Strong link with Brokers in international market, developing a channel network specializing in NRI Property investment in India.
    5. Interacting with client on regular basis through face to face interactions, Video conferences/ Teleconferences/mails to understand the client.
    6. Identifying and implanting strategies to achieve top line/sales targets and bottom line/revenue targets.
    7. Implementation of cost affective Brand activation strategies.
    8. Connecting with international brokers regularly in hunt for next potential customer.
    9. Educating customer about eligibility Criteria’s for NRI and helping them in getting a home loan from Indian banks.
    10. Creating and developing link with HNJ, UHNI, and Corporate/Expats/Embassy.
    11. To ensure to achieve top line (sale) and bottom line (Revenue) target.
    12. Good Presentation Skill.
    13. Communication Skill.
    14. Result Proven Record.
    15. Must achieve the given target.
    16. Knowledge and CRM Experience is required.
  • Vacancies: 2 Vacancy
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GM-Mall Operation or Head Corporate Sales
  • Experience: 15+Yrs Experience in Real Estate
  • Location: Noida, Ghaziabad, Delhi/NCR
  • Qualification: MBA/Equivalents from Reputed Institute
  • Skills Required: Sales Review, Sales Promotion, Sales Planning, Revenue Generation,Business Development, Real Estate,
  • Job Description:
    1. Spearheading the operation team indulged in operation of the mall
    2. Ensure each mall to be a profit center
    3. Would be responsible for TOP and Bottom line
    4. Formulation of Mall Operation ManualPreparation, 
    5. Scrutiny presentation and implantation of Revenue Plan
    6. Guide to Top Management on the proper Retail mix for each mall
    7. Assist the leasing team for achieving the Established Retail Mix Formulation and Scrutiny of Various contractual Documents
    8. Would be Authorized to Sign Contract on Behalf the Organization
    9. Analysis and finalization of CAM Changes
    10. Planning of media on spot and other promotional Activities for the Mall promotion
    11. Monitoring and Supervision of Day to Day mall operation
    12. Selection, finalization and installation of various software for mall operation
    13. Finalization and leasing of Commercial signage space
    14. Planning and implementation Security Management, Parking Management of the mall
    15. Enlisting the requirement of Statutory Approval and assist the team to get required approval in agreed time frame 
  • Vacancies: 3 Vacancy
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Head Investment Banking Real Estate Portfolio
  • Experience: 6 to 10 Yrs Experience in Real Estate
  • Location: Noida, Ghaziabad, Delhi/NCR
  • Qualification: MBA from Reputed Institute
  • Skills Required: Portfolio Management,Banking,Insurance,Business Development, Direct Sales, Real Estate, Property, Ma
  • Job Description:
    1. Must have 6 to 10 yrs experience in Real Estate -Segment sales.
    2. Handling Private HNI Real Estate Portfolio, wealth Management-Real Estate Portfolio.
    3. Diversified knowledge of local real estate closure of transaction.
    4. Must have strong connections with NRI, UHNI.Execution of new campaigns to increase sales.
    5. Provide Real Estate Services to Expats-Embassy Diplomats.
    6. Achieving targets 
    7. Good communication.
    8. Must have Exposure and knowledge of local market 
    9. Creating and developing link with HNJ, UHNI, and Corporate/Expats/Embassy.
    10. To ensure to achieve top line (sale) and bottom line (Revenue) target.Good Presentation Skill.
    11. Communication Skill.Result Proven Record.
    12. Must achieve the given target.
    13. Knowledge and CRM Experience is required.
  • Vacancies: 2 Vacancy
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