(DOCUMENTS REQUIRED - For Self Employed)

  • Last 3 Year Income Tax return along with Profit & loss a/c , computation of income, and balance sheet certified by C.A of Individual & Company
  • Audit report for last 3 years( If applicable)
  • Last 6 month Bank Statement (Saving & Current a/c) (Till Date) in Original of Individual & Company
  • Advance tax challans copy( GST, Income tax, Other applicable taxes)
  • Company profile on Company letterhead with client list( If applicable)
  • Residence Proof & Office Address proof (electricity bill, phone bill, letter from employer, original bank statement, passport copy).
  • Age /DOB Proof, Photo ID Proof (Passport, Pan Card etc).
  • One Photograph each of Applicant & Co-applicant (passport size).
  • Processing fee
  • Loan details if any loan running at present of Individual & Company (sanction letter copy or track record).
  • Copy Of Qualification Certificate
  • MOA of the company( In case of Pvt. Ltd company)
  • Shareholding Pattern on company letterhead.( In case of Pvt. Ltd company)
  • List of director attested by C.A
  • Form 26AS for last 3 years of Individual & Company


(DOCUMENTS REQUIRED - Self Employed Professional)

  • Last 3 Years ITR + Computation of Income + Balance Sheet + P&L Account + Schedules, duly certified by CA, of the Company.
  • Provisional Balance Sheet & P&L Account with advance tax challan or 26AS or Form-16A for last 3 years.
  •  Audit report of last 3 year (If audited).
  • Bank Statement for latest 6 months of all Current Accounts of Company & of all Savings Account of Individual.
  • Company Profile with Major Client List on Company’s Letterhead.
  • Details of all the obligations running
  • In case of any loan Emi going from any of your other bank, then copy of bank statement for latest 12 month. Along with a sanction letter (of that loan) or latest track record.
  • Date of Birth Proof of all the applicants (Passport/ Aadhar/ PAN CARD etc.).
  • Current Residence of all applicant & Office address proof.
  • One Photograph of all the applicants.
  • Processing fee
  • Application form duly filled and signed by all the applicants.
  • Last Higher qualification certificate copy.


(Document Checklist for Residential property NRI Loans)

  • Dully filled & signed application NRI loan application form.
  • One passport size photograph to be affixed on the application form & to be self attested by applicant &/ co-applicant.
  • Copy of identify proof of both applicant &/ co-applicant. (Passport, pan card, driving license, etc).
  • Copy of residence proof of both Indian and overseas address of applicant&/co-applicant. (Utility bill- electricity/telephone bill, lease agreement, passport, bank statement, letter from employer).
  • Copy of visa stamped on the passport. ( last visit details to be highlighted)*
  • Copy of employment contract.
  • Website address of the employer and contact details of HR Manager
  • Copy of last 3 months salary slip/ original salary certificate.
  • Bank statement of the overseas bank account for the last 6 months. (salary credits & rent paid to be highlighted)
  • Bank Statement of the NRE/NRO account for the last 6 months.( in India)
  • Profile of the applicant&/co applicant and qualification proofs
  • Past occupational history (in case of less than 2 years of work experience or recent change in employment)
  • Copy of Latest Income tax return (Form W 2 in US, P60 in UK).
  • Processing fees
  • Details of any other loan availed from any other bank/financial institution in India or overseas.(to be mentioned on the application form)
  • Bank statement showing repayment of the loans availed from any other bank/ financial institution for the last 6 months / repayment track record from the bank/ financial institution the loan has been availed from.
  • Credit Bureau Report (incase facility not available in the country applicant&/ coapplicant are based at than declaration to be collected mentioning details of any other loans availed)
  • Power of attorney details or local contact person’s details to be updated on the application form
  • Incase property is selected, copy of property documents are also required. (please provide details such as complete property address, owners & payment made to the builder from own sources )

* Incase customer is permanent resident of the overseas country then permanent resident card will be required.


(For Processing Loan Application by Salaried Employee)

Most Important: All documents are to be self attested.

  • Date of birth proof of all applicants.
  • Aaddhar Card of all applicants.
  • ID proof of all applicants. (Pan Card)
  • Residence proof of all applicants.
  • Photograph of all applicants duly self attested on the front side.
  • Latest 3 months salary slip in original or fly attested by HR/Accounts deptt.(If there is variation in gross salary too then 6 months salary slips) & CTC (if required).
  • Latest six month bank statement (Till Date) in which salary is credited (original).
  • Latest 3 years Form 16 along with ITR.
  • Copy of Appointment Letter/Contract Letter in case of job changed within one year along with previous employer’s Form 16.
  • In case of any loan EMI going from your any of your other bank, then copy of bank statement for latest six month along with a sanction letter (of that loan) or latest track record.
  • Latest Qualification Certificate (Higher professional Certificate).
  • Marriage certificate copy in case of wife as applicant (If title change).
  • Ration card copy in case of Parent or Sibling as applicant.
  • Copy of Property Papers (In case of direct allotment – Payment Receipt, Allotment letter or Booking booklet will do).
  • Processing Fee as per bank policy.
  • Legal Fee
  • Possession Letter of Property.
  • An estimate of proposed work from an Architect.

NOTE : If your ITR of bank account reflects your another bank account then a copy of its statement for latest six month.


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