Should Real Estate Business Rely on Blogs?

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  • 19 Oct 2020

Online market research shows that in present time blogs are a driver of sales. Real Estate businesses are no exception, therefore, all successful real estate developers and agents emphasize on putting up a blog section on their website. Blogs act as a major influencer for prospective home or shop buyers to get inclined towards projects which have attractive contents in their blogs. Real Estate developers now employ professional content writers for publishing blogs on a regular basis. The entire media team is put to work for SEO strategies, using online marketing tools and getting the blogs maximum possible exposures. 

Statistical study by a market research organization shows how blogs influence buyers in this internet age :

  1. 84% of online buyers have bought products based on descriptions they read in a blog.
  2. 25% of people between the ages of 25 and 34 read blogs on a daily basis.
  3. 2 in 3 people read blogs at least once a week.
  4. 1 in 4 people buy something each month thanks to a blog.
  5. 30% of those surveyed use blogs to confirm their choice.
  6. 33% use blogs to rule out options.
  7. 46% consult blogs to research a product.

People between the ages of 18 and 34 consider blogs as the most important source of information prior to buying something. For those between 35 and 54, the opinions of family, friends and colleagues outweigh the information they find in the blogosphere.

Blogs are considered to be the third best influencer for online marketing service. Opinions given in blogs are taken more seriously than opinions found in Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn or in on-line magazines.

It may be noted that 86% of influencers publish their blogs regularly. The popularity of blogs depends on content. Contents need to be innovative and tend to resolve problems to drive the reader to share with their contacts. One third space of the blog should have images to make your text easier to understand and make it visually attractive.

How effective is blogging for Real Estate business?

Real Estate companies can position themselves more effectively through blogging to generate high quality leads. Your blogging topics deal with the latest trend in the market which helps the prospective buyers to get a comprehensive analysis of the market trend. Blogs are available free, so a reader does not have to make any payment to access the blog. This is the reason a blog reaches thousands of potential home and commercial space buyers.

Once you start writing blogs on Real Estate , you should aim to establish yourself as a real estate expert. Don’t be too biased with one project and speak negatively about other projects as this gives a negative impact on a blogger. is a blogging site which has a section where the content writer publishes his content & can be published in its client’s  website site blog section. The topics that are written are informative, advisory dealing with legal and technological aspects to make a buyer aware about the present and future upcoming trends in Real Estate business.

The enquiries that are generated through blogs are mostly serious in nature , the conversion rate is much higher than other modes of advertisement in social media. However the social media such as Facebook helps in the blogging strategy. Communicating through e-mail frequently also gives you an edge to publicize your blog. To be up floated it is important to produce at least one blog per week.

How should we choose blog topics ?  

The topic that you select should resonate with people. A blog topic on how to find an affordable housing project in Raj Nagar Extension in Ghaziabad. This is a very relevant topic that a prospective client would be interested in looking for an affordable housing project in and around Raj Nagar Extension. Here in this blog I would deal with location advantages, pricing aspects, required amenities and ambience of the project. I will possibly describe a few projects as my comparative study and highlight the features for the project for which I am interested in emphasizing. The writing style should not be such that it will show that I am biased about the project but at the same time I am working as an influencer. Advisory topics are also perceived well by blog readers. An advisory blog topic such as “Important Facts to Observe Before Buying a Home in India” published in on 8th Sept 2020 is perceived well for creating awareness amongst home buyers. A blog should also carry space for feedback at the bottom of the blog and some basic information of the reader i.e., Name, e-mail address, mobile no. It helps in communication and keeps them updated with more latest information.

It is of prime importance to distribute your blogs through different social media. Post your blog links on  LinkedIn, Twitter. You may post the link to your social group who will take more interest in your blogs as they know you ! I have more than 40K friend list in my Facebook group  e.g., BITSIAN of Each other has 34K members, similarly there are other groups which have high potential members who would follow my blogs. You may also request your followers to share your blog post with others.

To conclude, I can say that Blogging is a very powerful tool to make your presence in the Real Estate Market like any other online product selling activity.


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