Expected New Home Decor in 2021

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  • 01 Jan 2021

It is a human nature to see changes that you expect to get extra exuberant comments in appreciation and you tend to visualize by imitating what you see around in home and office decor magazines. These days due to explosive suggestions by interior decorators in social media, websites and blogs it has become very easy for home buyers to make their trendy choices. Much of the trends influenced by color schemes especially for a new home and offices though many home and office owners would renovate with new trending options in 2021.There are some fashion styling for homes and offices that become dominant and others start imitating them. Home decor trend every year with changing style influencing the color choice and design set up for home and offices. The home and office decor look for sustainable and economic alternatives. The trend for 2021 is for more vibrant color of floor and wall tile styling matching with comfort and soothing color of other objects and furniture in home arrangement and also offices. The new trend for 2021 will look to focus more on automation and focus more on lighting. The trend that is coming your way in 2021 will be emphasizing a new look with more pleasing ambience. 

The dominant trends that will rule 2021 are a shift from light color to more bright colors. This will have its direct effect in choosing for flooring and wall tile colors and designs in their pattern of laying tiles. Grey color and natural wood like tiles will remain the choice for floors in 2021. The Natural wood like tiles in 200 mm x 1200 mm will be the choice for the living room to give a visual effect of elongated space. The trend 2021 will be more of a combination of contrasting colors. Deep blue walls with lots of white in the bed room and stunning navy blue bed with lots of white and taupe will look stunning with more vibrancy. Similarly the dinning space will have more bright color. Many colors will be seen in 2021 with every outfit in every space whether home or offices. 

Black and White is making a comeback. Black combinations with Spanish floor tiles are going to be very popular. The Black and White look gorgeous and considered classic. This combination has always attracted people and now in 2021 we will again see more use of this combination as white in combination with many other colors loses its sticking effect. The laying of tiles in checkered pattern has always been favorable though this style had subsides but it is going to be back with a bang in 2021 trend.

Grey color we have not seen much in use for the last couple of years but now it has been pushed real hard in blogs on home decors and in 2021 we will see more of grey. It shows how bloggers can influence the choice of customer. Gray will find its proper place as an accent color once again.

Light Wood color has always been a favorite color especially for floor and furniture in the living room for years. This trend is a mash-up between Scandinavian and Japanese Modern living style in the higher end trend. This is going to stay in the trending list as it looks very pretty and calming.

The home decor experts suggest less layering, less visual clutter, less stuff! Think about using just enough decors to be pretty but not overdone! Trend 2021 will be to keep your space less cluttered to give more openness. The trend is to give a more modern look with clean lined decor because most homes do not have large rooms and therefore the arrangement needs to be perfect to match with room size.

Kitchen Decors are very important to match up with the trend and specially these days you will find in modern homes the kitchen space is open to dining space therefore the trend2021 we will be to see trendier wall color. Two toned kitchen with upper and lower cabinets with different colors. The combination could be many matching with wall tile color. The trend is going to stay for a long time to come.

Integrated Living space which has been there for many years is going to stay. The ability to move freely between different zones in your home is becoming not only very popular but necessary in today’s home. The trend 2021 may adopt the integrated family living space that incorporates kitchen. A kitchen with a sofa and seating in it. This is now called a “living kitchen”.

Office and Living space:- Now that we are staying at home more and many of us are working from home we must create spaces that are multifunction! An office is becoming a must for many people that now work at home. Due to COVID-19 the lifestyle has changed drastically and in 2021 the space arrangement will be quite challenging where you will also need space for a personal gym, a private space to attend to all office work from home.


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