7 Reasons Why Commercial Real Estate Investment Is the Choice

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  • 24 Dec 2021

Investing in Real Estate and buying property is regarded as the best mode of investment because of assured, reliable, infallible profits and higher returns. Being a tangible asset, it also provides long-term security and the benefit of regular cash flow through rentals. The value of Real Estate always increases over time, and rents also tend to increase over time, generating higher cash flow. The longer you hold onto your property, the more money you will make when it’s time to sell, and with a good investment, one can turn an enormous profit.

Real Estate is broadly of two types - residential and commercial Real Estate. Residential Real Estate comprises residential buildings, housing complexes, apartments, flat systems etc., where people reside and live in. Commercial Real Estate, on the other hand, consists of properties for commercial and official purposes as well as buildings for public use such as offices, garages, hotels, industries, malls, multiplexes, shopping centers, community parks etc.

Investing in and renting out commercial properties, buildings and spaces provide much higher returns and more significant amounts of profits to the investors when compared to residential properties. Commercial Real Estate investors buy large chunks of properties across different neighborhoods, areas and cities and rent them out to people who want to set up their businesses in those places either on monthly rentals or on a lease. Many companies, businesses, offices, brands, and start-ups rent the property from the investors and pay a regular amount of rent as specified in the lease contract.

Before and while investing in a commercial property, one needs a large amount of capital, vast practical knowledge, immense information and experience about commercial Real Estate and its legal and financial aspects. Moreover, to build and develop a commercial area that would produce a significant amount of rent and monthly income, it requires many years of initial investment, funds for maintenance and renovation, and most important of all, patience. Commercial properties have high demand and value because many developing as well as established companies and brands acquire these buildings and increase and grow their businesses over time. Rented buildings provide flexibility and security to the companies, saving those funds to invest more to expand their businesses and easily earn more profits.

 A few factors that must be considered while investing in commercial Real Estate are as follows - 

  1. Structural condition and aesthetic appeal of the building
  2. Location of the building
  3. The amenities included in the building
  4. Initial Investment is needed, and the available capital 
  5. Estimated monthly income predicted to be generated by the property 
  6. Estimated costs of maintenance and renovation
  7. Scope of future appreciation, returns and profits 

It is vital to consider all these factors before putting hard-earned money into any property. The returns on property investment are high, but so are the losses if an investment goes wrong. So it is advisable to make an informed decision considering all the pros and cons of the deal. 

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