Preservation of Document Policy


The Company in Compliance of Regulation 9 of the SEBI (Listing Obligation and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2015 incorporated the policy on Preservation of Documents


The purpose of this Policy is to ensure that necessary records and documents in which the Company is a party are adequately protected and maintained and to ensure that records that are no longer needed by the Company or are of no value are discarded at the proper time. This Policy represents the Company’s policy regarding the retention and disposal of records and the retention and disposal of electronic documents. The table specifying the tenure of document retention are specified as under. This Policy was approved by the Board of Directors of M/s K World Estate Pvt. Ltd./ Company

Record Retention Schedule

The Record Retention Schedule is organized as follows:

Section Topic

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Contracts
  • Corporate Records
  • Correspondence and Internal Memoranda
  • Electronic Documents
  • Legal Files and Papers
  • Miscellaneous
  • Personnel Records
  • Property Records
  • Tax Records

Accounting & Finance

Record Type Retention Period
Accounts Payable ledgers and schedules 8 years
Accounts Receivable ledgers and schedules 8 years
Annual Audit Reports and Financial Statements Permanent
Annual Audit Records, including work papers and other documents that relate to the audit 8 years after completion of audit
Bank Statements and Canceled Cheques 8 years
Employee Expense Reports 8 years
Interim Financial Statements 8 years
Notes Receivable ledgers and schedules 8 years
Investment Records 8 years after sale of investment
Internal Audit work papers and findings 8 years after completion


Record Type Retention Period
Contracts and Related Correspondence (including any proposal that resulted in the contract and all other supportive documentation) 8 years after expiration or termination

Corporate Records

Record Type Retention Period
Corporate Records (minute books, signed minutes of the Board and all committees, corporate seals, articles of incorporation, bylaws, annual corporate reports) Permanent
Licenses and Permits Permanent
Memorandums of Understanding (s) Permanent

Electronic Documents

Electronic Mail: Not all email needs to be retained, depending on the subject matter.
  • Staff will strive to keep all but an insignificant minority of their e-mail related to business issues.
  • Staff will not store or transfer the company related e-mail on non-work-related computers except as necessary or appropriate for Foundation purposes.
  • Staff will take care not to send confidential/proprietary Foundation information to outside sources.
  • Any e-mail staff deems vital to the performance of their job should be copied to the staff’s thumb drive.
Electronic Documents: including Microsoft Office Suite and PDF files. Retention also depends on the subject matter.
  • PDF documents – The length of time that a PDF file should be retained should be based upon the content of the file and the category under the various sections of this policy. The maximum period that a PDF file should be retained is 8 years. PDF files the employee deems vital to the performance of his or her job should be printed and stored in the employee’s workspace.
  • Text/formatted files – Staff will conduct annual reviews of all text/formatted files (e.g., Microsoft Word documents) and will delete all those they consider unnecessary or outdated. After 8 years, all text files will be deleted from the network and the staff’s desktop/laptop. Text/formatted files the staff deems vital to the performance of their job should be printed and stored in the staff’s workspace.

Legal Files and Papers

Record Type Retention Period
Legal Memoranda and Opinions (including all subject matter files) 8 years after close of matter
Litigation Files 8 year after expiration of appeals or time for filing appeals
Court Orders Permanent
Requests for Departure from Records Retention Plan 8 years


Record Type Retention Period
Material of Historical Value (including pictures,publications) 8 years
Policy and Procedures Manuals – Original Current version with revision history
Policy and Procedures Manuals - Copies Retain current version only
Annual Reports Permanent

Personnel Records

Record Type Retention Period
Employee Personnel Records (including individual attendance records, application forms, job or status change records, performance evaluations, termination papers, withholding information, garnishments, test results, training and qualification records) 8 years after separation
Employment Contracts – Individual 8 years after separation

Property Records

Record Type Retention Period
Correspondence, Property Deeds, Assessments,Licenses, Rights of Way Permanent
Original Purchase/Sale/Lease Agreement Permanent
Property Insurance Policies Permanent

Tax Records

General Principle: Northwest Foundation must keep books of account or records as are sufficient to establish amount of gross income, deductions, credits, or other matters required to be shown in any such return. These documents and records shall be kept for as long as the contents thereof may become material in the administration of federal, state, and local income, franchise, and property tax laws.
Record Type Retention Period
Tax-Exemption Documents and Related Correspondence Permanent
Excise Tax Records 8 years
Tax Bills, Receipts, Statements 8 years
Tax Returns - Income, Property Permanent
Sales/Use Tax Records 8 years
Annual Information Returns - Federal and State Permanent
IRS or other Government Audit Records Permanent
  The Directors of the K WORLD ESTATE PVT. LTD. adopt this statement of record retention policies.

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