Important Facts to Observe Before Buying a Home in India

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  • 08 Oct 2020

In India more than 95% of people are one time flat buyers and it is a life time decision to take. Mostly decision is taken jointly by all members of the family, however the senior male earning member makes the final decision keeping all facts in place to build a dream home! The decision of making a choice is not very simple as it has to satisfy the desire of each member of the family. You do not take decision only by checking one project, probably you find one project more tempting than other and you get confused to zero down your choice. There are several factors involved such as the price, location, availability of bank loan, security etc. In most of the cases , when you visit a site, you get influenced by the sales person who mostly shows you the positive side of the project and you get impressed. But KW Group always insist prospective buyers to follow a checklist which follows completely an unbiased process to find the best fit for the buyer for taking a decision. One must not take any decision in rush as that can lead to a wrong choice for which one may have to regret later. It will impact the family, life and finances. So like a detective of a case, one needs to investigate all parameters that have been listed below:








Brand reputation






Connectivity with work place






Infrastructure in the locality i.e. School, Hospital, Market






Resale potential






Vaastu ( for those who believe in Vaastu science)






Ambience, greenery within the housing complex












Construction quality












Financial comfort ability






Rental Income






Total Score





The above chart can be filled with 0-5 scale for each parameter. Buyers can also add some additional parameters as per his or her choice. Any parameter scoring 2 or less should be marked red. Select the project with highest total score without any red scoring against any parameter.

What do we see in each of the above listed parameter? :

1. Brand Reputation:

Will you buy a property from a dubious builder with bad reputation in the market? It is very important to see the builder’s profile and its track record. Best way is to get information is through internet browsing, check previous and ongoing projects by the builder. Best feedback one can receive from existing occupants in the project. However these days one can also get reviews and ratings on the net which needs to be assessed carefully as many Manipulating builders generate their own reviews to deceive customers.

2. Connectivity with Work Place

This is one thing that a person in service has to deal on daily basis. I have seen people travelling 2-3 hours for reaching their work place and spend same time for travelling back to their home. Life becomes pathetic when such people have to travel every day in crowded train and busses. Then don’t even get enough to see their own children. Traveling a long distance in own vehicle on daily basis is neither safe nor feasible due to high fuel cost. So when making a choice of location one must consider the distance and connectivity. These days the Metro Rail Network has brought us all near. Earlier it was uncomfortable to attend office in Delhi from a place like Noida or Ghaziabad but due to the metro rail connectivity people are making choice to buy their flats in a place like Raj Nagar Extension in Ghaziabad, Greater Noida, Noida and Gurugram.

3. Infrastructure in the Locality i.e. School, Hospital, Market

Any parent would not like to send their children in distant place to attend school on daily basis, nor would like their family members to go shopping for their daily needs to a place which is far from the housing complex where they bought the flat. These days in Delhi NCR like any other metro city have schools, College, Hospitals and Shopping Malls in near vicinity. Select a project where you are easily accessible to these important places. Do a little feasibility check to make sure that one does not end up spending lot of money in travel and waste lot of time to get essential services. It is better to pay a little more for a flat cost to save botheration of travelling to distant places to sourcing daily needs.

4. Re-sale Potential

Our life is quite uncertain and we cannot guarantee that a flat that one buys shall never be sold. It may happen due to change of job, change of location or some unavoidable situation. Any property’s resale value depends upon the development that takes place or plans to develop. Raj Nagar Extension in Ghaziabad is a live example of fast developing area where the Return on Investment is very high. Noida just 20-25 years back was very much underdeveloped and property values were low but today due to development of infrastructure property values have sky rocketed! 

5. Vaastu : 

It may be difficult to justify but many consider Vaastusastra as a science and widely practiced in most of the parts in India. Vaastu is important and considered to be the preference of end users. These days considering Vaastu is also important because the layouts, directions are sometimes lacks Vaastu. The principal and main parameter is the architecture and the directions. In real estate as well the Vaastu is considered to be the main parameter and flats and residencies are being planned after consulting the Vaastu expert only. This parameter should be considered by those who believe in this ancient science in India. However, I always advice my close people to get Vaastu advice as I have seen a businessman who was financially quite well off and built a house without any Vaastu correction and very soon he started losing out financially when he consulted a Vaastu expert and got some changes done , his business again started flourishing. However, I have no reason to justify, maybe it was only a coincidence.

6. Ambiance, Greenery Within The Housing Complex

A buyer must give much importance to the open space lawns and jogging and playing zones within the housing complex .These days it is mandatory for housing complexes to provide enough greenery by planting trees. The ambiance of a housing complex depends upon the surrounding that is provided within and around the housing complex.

7. Amenities:

Minimum a club house, parking, lift, power backup, swimming pool, gym are some of the amenities that should be checked before buying a flat in a project.

8. Construction Quality:

Many times I have found people cursing the builder after taking the possession. Especially when they realize that the wall are showing cracks due to low quality of plastering. Other areas where one should see are the electrical fittings, toilet and bathroom fittings, kitchen accessories and fittings. These are the bare minimum checks that one should do for buying a ready to move flats.  

9. Security:

One must check the level of security is provided in a housing complex. These days CCTV surveillance, intercom services are very essential for proper safety and security within the complex.

10. Financial Comfort Ability: 

Builders provide many schemes for easy purchase of flats under construction projects. Payments are to be paid with the progress in construction. Most builders have their projects pre approved by Financial Institutions for providing home loans to the home buyers. Builders have separate department for helping their clients with documentations required by Banks and Financial Institutions. 

11. Rental Incomes

Rental prospects for a flat or shop purchased should be checked before buying a property. Many buyers may need to shift to another location as per the need of the job or change of job. Most of the home buyers from service class buy a flat with bank loan and they have to repay EMI. Unless the flat is put on rent, the loan repayment burden will be high as they will need to pay rent in a new location besides paying EMI for their own flat. Further, many buyers invest money in a new project to earn rental income. Pre-leased commercial properties are good in demand, where the Return on investment depends upon rental income and Capital growth over time.


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