Mrs. Savita Kesarwani Chair Person

It is the perfect form and metaphor of her personality, Mrs. Savita Kesarwani as a Chairman has not just lead by the example and experience of many years, but as an industry stalwart she has achieved, what it takes to be up at that ladder having a exemplary personality and thought process one would imagine her to an idle for visioning the things in a unique way.

She will never allow fears to govern her actions as she strongly believes that REAL ESTATE IS THE PART OF THE GROWING ECONOMY, ups and downs are the part of the business, no storm can be completely judge by its SPEED but the precautionary measure to safeguard at Micro and Macro Level can always been taken.

Her Mantra Towards organization has always stood by Innovation, Speed and Execution that gets highly reflected in her work culture and her team development. Her charismatic personality motivates the team to scale the height beyond limitation in line with the company motto “for touching heights”.

Mrs. Savita Kesarwani

Mr. Pankaj Jain Managing Director

A business leader with the desire to rewrite India’s real estate story, Mr. Pankaj Kr. Jainis non arguably, India’s ‘builder extraordinaire’, the person committed to change NCR’s skyline. Mr. Pankaj Jain has virtually revolutionized the real estate industry in NCR and now expanding the horizon beyond NCR to Pan India Level.

A visionary, a qualified Engineer, with Exemplary Academic record, his first spark of recognition in the construction business along with charismatic and inquisitive character came in to the picture ever since the inception of the KW Group. Since then he has scripted various marvelous wonders of architectural and design, in form of numerous projects and each of the constructed project has become the style statement of his unmatched wisdom, vision and personality

Under his able leadership, the group has scaled many heights in line with the motto of group “for touching heights“. Today, the phrase “KW” spells a magic of trust, confidence, transparency and professionalism among the fraternity, customers, associates and stake holders.

 Mr. Pankaj Jain


Ultimately it is the people who are the real strength behind any organization, since behind each machine there is a man who run it. The driving force at the KW group is its Skilled and result-driven workforce. Our Stalwarts are the high professional and master of their own field.

Laying utmost importance on our human resource and an emphasis on grand thinking,everyone at KW Group sets their goal to coincide with the overall mission and vision of the company – this help us great deal in becoming an enviable team

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